MEDIA RELEASE: Don't ban radar detectors

WA Liberal Democrats Leader Aaron Stonehouse has today condemned the Government for introducing a bill to ban the use of radar detectors in Western Australia, saying that “this is blatant and outright highway robbery”.

“The evidence shows that drivers are more likely to slow down if they know that there’s a speed camera lurking on the horizon,” said Aaron Stonehouse MLC.

“Radar detectors provide drivers with a greater degree of situational awareness, and thus an appreciation of the risks around them.

“I can’t help but think that this is yet another attempt by the Government to get their grubby hands on more revenue for the state’s coffers, and to fund whatever may be their next pet project,” said Mr Stonehouse.

Mr Stonehouse also criticised the scope of the legislation, which allows WA Police to ban the use of any device within vehicles, saying that “the potential for overreach is staggering”.

“We could just as easily see other devices and applications banned, such as speed limit indicators, GoPros on bikes, and Waze navigation on dashboards.

“Western Australians should be incredibly wary of any type of arrangement that hands over so much power to unelected public servants.

“At least with politicians, you can sack them. With the police, you can’t. And once you hand over your rights to them, you may have a tough time getting them back,” said Mr Stonehouse.