MEDIA RELEASE: I’m ready to rock and roll – Stonehouse

WA Liberal Democrats MP Aaron Stonehouse has today outlined his legislative agenda for 2019, saying that he’s ready to rock and roll, and to add a few wins to his name.

“2019 will be the culmination of a number of things that I’ve been working on for the past 18 months,” said Aaron Stonehouse MLC, WA Liberal Democrats MP.

“I’ll be introducing a bill to legalise airsoft. Most people don’t know what that is, but a lot of my supporters care about it, and I’m happy to make it a reality.

“My nanny state inquiry will be wrapping up in August, and it will be producing a report for the Government with recommendations about vaping, car mods and bike helmets.

“I’ll be tabling a petition to parliament to legalise vaping. If the nanny state inquiry supports that outcome, then it should give the Government something to think about.

“Euthanasia is obviously a big one. More and more people are realising that it’s about human dignity, and not about offing old people, and I’m pleased that the Government is demonstrating leadership on this issue, and is allowing for a meaningful debate.

“I’ll likely try and do something on self-defence. Western Australians have a legal right to self-defence but have no practical ability to exercise that right. This needs to change.

“My political party, Liberal Democrats WA, will also be launching a policy platform. I can’t give too much away, but the catchphrase will be, ‘lower taxes, individual responsibility, and small government’,” said Aaron Stonehouse MLC, WA Liberal Democrats MP.