MEDIA RELEASE: Turf war verges on madness - Stonehouse

Member for South Metropolitan Region, Aaron Stonehouse wrote today to the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Rockingham to protest the proposed ban on the use of synthetic verges across the city.

“It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, the Council wants to impose such a level of control and planning over its ratepayers,” said Mr Stonehouse.

“Synthetic turf does not represent a hazard for tripping if it’s properly installed. And better yet, it allows water to irrigate the underlying soil.

“Many homeowners in my electorate have installed this type of landscaping, and many business owners rely on it to make ends meet.

“A ban would not only cause financial hardship, it would potentially put local people out of work. That should be a real and pressing concern for the Council.

“I’ve called upon the Council to amend its policy to allow the installation of synthetic turf on verges, on the clear understanding that the home owner remains liable for any repair or removal costs should access for services be required.

“I will always advocate for personal choice and personal responsibility. That combination is a sure-fire way to end this local turf war once and for all,” said Mr Stonehouse.

The City of Rockingham delayed a vote on the future of synthetic turf treatments at its March and April meetings, but is now expected to debate the subject at its next meeting on 28 May 2019.